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PIF Grant Agreement -Waterfront Esplanade Improvement Project <br />Grant Agreement by and Between <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />and <br />The City of Port Townsend <br />For Public Infrastructure Project Funding <br />Waterfront Esplanade Improvement Project <br />WHEREAS, RCW 82.14.370 authorizes a sales and use tax to provide funding of public <br />infrastructure projects; and <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to RCW 82.14.370, Jefferson County has established the Public <br />Infrastructure Fund and a program for its administration as codified in Jefferson County Code <br />Chapters 3.28, 3.29 and 3.36; and <br />WHEREAS, the Esplanade-Quincy Street Improvement Phase of the Waterfront Esplanade <br />Improvement Project extends infrastructure improvements in downtown Port Townsend, and <br />furthers the viability of existing, new and expanded businesses, and tourism, and this project is <br />important to the economic development of the City and all of Jefferson County; and <br />WHEREAS, on October 30, 2012, the Public Infrastructure Fund Board recommended that the <br />County approve a 100% grant to the City Esplanade-Quincy Street Improvement Phase of the <br />Waterfront Esplanade Improvement Project for a grant total of $450,000; and <br />WHEREAS, the Jefferson County Boazd of Commissioners concurs with the Public <br />Infrastructure Board's recommendation; <br />NOW, THEEFORE, Jefferson County, a municipal corporation in Washington State, hereinafter <br />referred to as "County," and the City of Port Townsend, a municipal corporation in Washington <br />State, hereinafter referred to as "City," in consideration of the mutual benefits, terms, and <br />conditions hereinafter specified, do hereby agree as follows: <br />Grant Commitment. A 100% grant of Public Infrastructure Funds is hereby made to the City <br />of Port Townsend for the Esplanade-Quincy Street Phase of the Waterfront Esplanade <br />Improvement Project. The approved maximum amount of the grant, intended to cover up to <br />50% of the approved Waterfront Esplanade Improvement Project cost, shall be $450,000. <br />The grant ($450,000) shall be available based on submission of appropriate invoices pursuant <br />to Section 3, below. This grant commitment will expire and is automatically withdrawn if <br />the available funds are not expended by December 31, 2017. Any request for an extension <br />beyond December 31, 2017, must be approved by the County Commissioners upon receipt of <br />a recommendation from the Public Infrastructure Board. <br />2. Project Designation. This Esplanade-Quincy Street Phase is the third and final phase of the <br />Waterfront Esplanade Improvement Project that extends from Pope Marine Park to Quincy <br />Page 1 of 6 <br />