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Juelanne Dalzell <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY <br /> <br /> Courthouse -- P.O. Box 1220 <br /> <br /> Port Townsend, Washington 98368 <br /> <br /> Telephone (360) 385-9180 FAX (360) 385-0073 <br /> <br /> Jill Landes, Deputy Prosecutor <br /> Michael Haas, Deputy Prosecutor <br /> David W. Alvarez, Deputy Prosecutor <br /> Tracey L. Lassus, Deputy Prosecutor <br />Lianne Perron-Kossow, Victim Witness Advocate <br /> <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />DATE: <br />RE: <br /> <br />MEMORANDUM <br /> <br />Michelle Farfan, DCD <br />David Alvarez, Chief Civil DPA <br />Friday, November 15, 2002 <br />Arnold & Alison Wood <br /> Quiet Title Action <br /> <br />DEPT. OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br /> <br />This will confirm that the Woods have successfully quieted title in themselves with <br /> <br />respect to a certain right-of-way adjacent to real property owned by them in Block 21 of the <br /> <br />Irving Park Addition. <br /> <br />The attached documents are copies of the Orders and Stipulations which reflect the <br /> <br />judicial recognition of quiet title in the Woods for that right-of-way. <br /> <br /> Please consider this fact when processing the BLA application filed by the Woods. <br />David Alvarez <br /> <br /> <br />