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April 21, 2003 <br /> <br />Mr. Paul Marks <br />P.O. Box 63 <br />Nordland, WA 98358 <br /> <br />PACIFIC ~['0 L1 Il d \h;a [c 1- GROUP <br /> <br /> < ' - '.';:" ;::',2"'~-/' ,~-'-'":T2;~'~:~L : '- <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Marks, <br /> <br />This letter report presents our analysis of hydrogeologic conditions at the property listed <br />above on Marrowstone Island, Washington. Our analysis addresses "relevant <br />components of an Aquifer Recharge Area Report per UDC 3.6.10e" as required by UDC <br />Groundwater Protection/Seawater Intrusion Amendments, March 3, 2003. Our <br />discussion with Jefferson County indicated that the "relevant components" were those <br />pertinent to exacerbating or causing seawater intrusion effects on neighboring wells <br />(personal communication, David Christensen, Jefferson County Division of Natural <br />Resources, 2003). Other components are not addressed in this report. <br /> <br />Our proposal of March 4, 2003 was authorized by Paul Marks on March 19, 2003. Our <br />work was performed, and this report prepared, in accordance with generally accepted <br />hydrogeologic practices at this time and place, for the exclusive use of Paul Marks, and <br />for exclusive application to the two primary wells on the subject property. This is in lieu <br />of other warranties, express or implied. <br /> <br />Propd'rty and Project Description <br /> <br />The Marks' property consists of about 8 acres on two parcels in the community of <br />Nordland on Marrowstone Island (Figure 1). The property currently has the following <br />dwellings and water-use attributes: <br /> <br /> A two bedroom, one bath house (Johnson house) that is supplied off the dug well <br />· A one bedroom, one bath "cabin" that is supplied offthe dug well <br />· A front parcel of about 3 acres (976200402), some of which is irrigated with <br /> water from the dug well <br />· A back parcel of about 5 acres (976200501) that is grazed and not irrigated. Two <br /> unused wells are located on this back parcel (wells ACC057 and ACC059). <br /> <br />P 206.329.0141 F 206.329.6968 ] 2377 Eastlake Avenue East I Seattle, Washington 98102 I www. <br /> <br /> water & environmental consultiug <br /> <br /> <br />