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FEB 1 3 2.001 <br /> <br />Geological Evaluation of Slide at <br /> 191 Lane DeChantai <br /> Port, Townsend, Washington <br /> <br />June 2000 <br /> <br />GEOTECHNICAL ANO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS <br /> <br />At Shannon & Wilson, ot~r mission is to be a progressive, well- <br />managed professional consultbzg finn b, the fields of engineering <br />and applied earth sciences. Our goal is to peo~orm our services <br />with the highest degree of professionalism with &ce consideration <br />to the best #,terests of the public, our clients, and our employees. <br /> <br /> Submitted To: <br />Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Martina Haskins <br />191 Lane DeChantal <br /> Port Townsend, Washington 98368 <br /> <br /> By: <br />Shannon & Wilson, Inc. <br />400 N 34t" Street, Suite 100 <br />Seattle, Washington 98103 <br /> <br />21-1-08976-001 <br /> <br /> <br />