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011GIiNCC <br />AGREEMENT <br />FOR AN APPLICANT TO PAY FOR PREPARATION OF A SUPPLEMENTAL <br />. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT <br />PLEASANT HARBOR MARINA & GOLF RESORT, LLP, by its President/CEO <br />Garth Mann, hereinafter referred to as APPLICANT, and JEFFERSON COUNTY, a <br />municipal corporation, hereinafter referred to as COUNTY, in consideration of the <br />mutual promises, covenants, terms and conditions contained herein, agree and contract as <br />follows: <br />I. <br />The Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort proposed by the APPLICANT to be <br />constructed within unincorporated Jefferson County ("the Project") will require <br />preparation pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), specifically a <br />Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (or "SEIS") to supplement the <br />programmatic or "non -project" Final Environmental Impact Statement published <br />September 5, 2007, for use in the analysis of the Project. <br />II. <br />A business entity, EA Blumen, hereinafter "the CONSULTANT,' has been <br />selected by the COUNTY to provide preparation of a supplemental environmental impact <br />statement (SEIS) and to assist the County in the generation and preparation of <br />development regulations, and development agreement for the Project. The scope of <br />services (Attachment A to the COUNTY -CONSULTANT contract), includes, but is not <br />limited to: complete a preliminary draft SEIS, revise the preliminary draft SEIS based <br />upon comments received, attend public hearing of the Planning Commission and present <br />a Draft SEIS, prepare preliminary Final SEIS based upon comments received, revise as <br />necessary and coordinate production of Final SEIS for issuance consistent with a <br />Development Agreement and Regulations. The CONSULTANT and COUNTY have <br />separately contracted to have the above -listed products completed in a satisfactory and <br />proper manner (as determined by the County). <br />The CONSULTANT may retain and hire in a manner consistent with Section II of <br />that separate Agreement subconsultants to perform a portion of the work that is the <br />subject of this Agreement. Should subconsultants be require, the reason and cost for the <br />subconsultant will be approved by the applicant. <br />The APPLICANT hereby agrees to cooperate with the CONSULTANT in <br />preparing the necessary products under the direction of the COUNTY, responding to <br />comments provided by the CONSULTANT regarding the APPLICANT'S Project, <br />documents, and other products relating to the Project, and to pay the reasonable costs of <br />County/Statesman SEIS: November 2012 <br />