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SEATTLE <br /> RICHLAND <br /> <br />SHANNON WILSON INC <br />Ill GEOTECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS ANCHORAGE <br /> I~ · DENVER <br /> SAINT LOUIS <br /> BOSTON <br /> <br /> I EC VED <br /> <br />July 2, 2003 JUL 0 ti 2003 <br /> <br />Mr. Jerry Haskins <br />191 Lane DeChantal <br />Port Townsend, WA <br /> <br />JEFM$ON COUNTY <br /> <br /> 98368 <br />ADDENDUM TO GEOLOGIC EVALUATION OF SLIDE AT OF 191 LANE <br />DECItANTAL, PORT TOWNSEND, WASItlNGTON, AND PROPOSED <br />SEPTIC DRAIN FIELD LOCATION (CASE NO: MLA03-00252) <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Haskins: <br />This letter serves as an addendum to our geologic report for your property at 191 Lane <br />DeChantal. A landslide occurred on the waterfront slope west of the existing residence on your <br />property in February 2000. At your request, we evaluated the cause of the landslide and the <br />relative risk of slope movement impacting the existing residence, .and Provided. general <br /> · . ... ... .~ .. - -} i .: ~' <br /> recommendations to reduce, the risk of future slope movements. This Work WaS summarized in <br /> a le~t~} :r~p0rt'}°'Y°u dated June 22, 2000, which also included a description of the site, <br /> tOPography:, geologic Conditions, sPrings, and'seeps. <br /> We understand that you propose to construct a septic drain field at the above-referenced site for <br /> an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU). We understand that the ADU will be located on an adjacent <br /> property to the east on Cape George Road. The proposed location of the septic drain field for <br /> the ADU is on your property, 191 Lane DeChantal, between Cape George Road (to the east) <br /> and Lane DeChantal (to the west). We also understand that the Jefferson County Department <br /> of Community Development requires an evaluation of the impact of the proposed septic drain <br /> field on the stability of the slope on the site. At your request, we have performed this <br /> evaluation and have prepared this letter as an addendum to our previous report. <br /> Based on our understanding of the geologic conditions as described in our June 22, 2000, report <br /> ' ' he '~0 o~ed location of the septic drain field, it is our opinion that the proposed drain field <br /> an.-dt: . ~-P-~: P~.. - ~;' ~.~.,'~' ~i~'~.i~,.,-~ ~aiacent ~ror~ertieS Or significantly increase.the..ns~°f. <br /> wili'not a~versely aliect me staumty u~ -,~a r ~ .... . ... :. ~ ' ..... -.. <br /> ~ioPe rn~)embnts at the site.' This oPinion iS based in part on the relativelY long distance <br /> 21-1-08976-002 <br /> 400 NORTH 34TH STREET · SUITE 100 <br /> P.O. BOX 300303 <br /> SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98103 <br /> 206.632-8020 FAX 206.695.6777 <br /> TDD: 1.800.833'6388 <br /> <br /> <br />