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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br />THIS AGREEMENT is voluntarily made and entered into this 16 day of , 1998, <br />by and between N.W. KIWANIS CAMP ("Kiwanis") and JEFFERSON COUNTY, A WASAINGTON <br />MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ("County"), acting through the Board of County Commissioners. <br />1. PURPOSE. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the understanding and voluntary agreement of the <br />parties with regard to the County's role with the Kiwanis Beausite Lake Camp. <br />2. AGREEMENT. In consideration of the mutual covenants and benefits contained herein, the parties agree as <br />follows: <br />2.1 Scope of County Services. The County agrees to provide the following services: <br />(a) -Assist Kiwanis with applications and referrals. County's responsibility is limited to being a <br />point of collection for applications and a reference source for referral agencies. <br />(b)-Coordination and networking with other social service and human service agencies <br />2.2 Schedule. The parties agree that the above services shall commence upon execution of this agreement. <br />3 HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFICATION. The Kiwanis shall indemnify and hold the County, and its <br />officers, employees, and agents harmless from and shall process and defend at its own expense, including all costs, <br />attorney fees and expenses relating thereto, all claims, demands, or suits at law or equity arising in whole or in <br />part, directly or indirectly, from the County's negligence or breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement; <br />provided that nothing herein shall require the Kiwanis to indemnify the County against and hold harmless the <br />County from claims, demands or suits based upon the sole negligent conduct of the County, its officers, employees <br />and agents. <br />4. NAMED AN ADDITIONAL INSURED. The Kiwanis shall name the County as an additional named insured <br />on its general liability/errors and omissions insurance for the purposes of this agreement and shall include a <br />provision prohibiting cancellation of said policy except upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to the County. <br />Certificates of coverage as required by this section shall be delivered to the County within forty-five (45) days of <br />execution of this agreement. <br />5. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. The terms and conditions herein constitute the entire understanding and agreement <br />between the parties and shall not be modified or amended except by a prior written agreement executed by all <br />parties hereto. <br />6. TERMINATION. Agreement may be terminated by either party with thirty (30) day written notice. <br />9t- <br />IN WIXNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have duly executed this Agreement on or about the Z day of <br />199Z . <br />COUNTY OF JEFFERSON <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS 1 N.W. KIWANIS CAMP <br />f j ff <br />K <br />Glen Huntingford, Ch "� By,,.f L, r <br />A ed as to form only: <br />V_\Jeff t Pro ccting ttorney <br />Attest: <br />�"O. LP6 oil <br />Clerk of the Board <br />