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Oct 27 03 05:17p Scott Bender (425) 828-7548 p.2 <br /> <br />October 27, 2003 <br /> <br />Mr. Keith Nannery <br />1035 Carl Johnson Road <br />Quilcene, Washington 98376 <br /> <br />-tO l - Oq3~- O ¢3 { <br /> <br />BENDER <br />CONSULTING, LLC <br />Applied Groundwater Solutions <br /> <br />8722 122nd Avenue N.E. <br />Kirk. land, WA 981Y&3 <br />425 828 7545 phone <br /> <br />wnno. <br /> <br />AQUIFER RECHARGE AREA REPORT, QUII~ENE, WASHINGTON <br /> <br />Dear Keith: <br /> <br />This letter presents the results of our groundwater evaluation of your property. This letter is <br />intended to conform to the requirements of the Jefferson County Unified Developmem Code (UDC) <br />paragraphs 3.6.5, Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas; and 3.6.10 Special Reports, paragraph (e) <br />Aquifer Recharge Area Report. These reporting efforts are required by Jefferson County due to your <br />water quality sample chloride concentration results greater than 200 rog/1. Your sample <br />concentration was about 230 mg/I, which categorizes your well site as a Seawater Intrusion <br />Protection Zone (SIPZ). The UDC requires an analysis of the well and groundwater system to <br />ensure that the use of a well does not cause any adverse groundwater quality impacts; this is within <br />the overall intent of the code to ensure that existing water rights are not impaired and that the use of <br />the well is not detrimental to the public interest. The following conforms to the requirements of <br />UDC paragraph 3.6.10 (e), and follows the organization of that section. <br /> <br />AQUIFER RECHARGE AREA REPORT <br /> <br />1. Response not required. <br /> <br />2. Aquifer Recharge Area Report <br /> <br /> Project Description <br /> <br />We understand that your property has been a residence for yourself for about the past 8 years. We <br />understand that your property size is about 55,300 square feet with 100 feet of waterfront. <br />Structures on the site consist of a trailer that is used as a kitchen facility, and a few small single <br />room outbuildings that are used as sleeping and study quarters. Based on our observations of the <br />site, we estimate average daily water use to be less than 150 gallons per day. We understand that the <br />site is not served by a public water system. <br /> <br />The property is gently sloping to the east and Dabob Bay. Figure 1 shows the location of the <br />property, Figures 2 and 3 show aerial photographs of the area in 1994 and 2000, respectively. <br /> <br />The well house is located about 340 feet from the top of the bluff(waterfront) to the east and about <br />140 feet from Carl Johnson Road on the west. The well is located central between the northem and <br /> <br />BENDER CONSULTING, LLC <br /> <br />B-032I <br /> <br />O:'u~mm:ry~amm'y R~har6~ Rpt <br /> <br /> <br />