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<br />KUNZ BIOLOGICAL CONSULTING <br />780 Arcadia West <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />(360) 385-6300 <br /> <br />LARRY SCOTT MEMORIAL TRAIL <br />PRIORITY HABITAT AND SPECIES REPORT <br /> <br />A wildlife and critical habitat survey was conducted at the request of Jefferson County for <br />the proposed Larry Scott Memorial Trail. The purpose of the survey is to assess the area <br />along the existing railroad grade, and portions of those properties on which the proposed <br />trail will be located, for critical wildlife habitat and to determine if priority species are <br />present. Priority species and critical habitat are established by the Washington Department <br />ofFish and Wildlife (WDFW). Management guidelines are addressed in the 1991 <br />IIManagement Recommendations for Washington's Priority Habitats and Speciesll. In <br />regards to project impacts to wetlands, this report will address only priority habitat and <br />species issues, A separate report, prepared by Pacific Rim Soil and Water, will identify <br />and characterize the wetlands that occur within the proposed project vicinity, <br /> <br />, Priority habitat is defined by the WDFW as a habitat type with unique or sigriificant value <br />to many species. An area classified and mapped as IIpriority habitat II must meet certain <br />criteria as described in the WDFW 1991 management guidelines. Priority species are <br />defined as wildlife species requiring protective measures for their perpetuation due to their <br />population status, their sensitivity to habitat alteration, and/or their recreational <br />importance, A priority habitat may contain priority and/or non-priority species, <br /> <br />The proposed Larry Scott Memorial Trail ~egins at the Park & Ride parking lot located at <br />the intersection of 12th and Landis in Port Townsend. The trail will continue east through <br />the Port Townsend Industrial Park to an existing railroad grade near the Port Townsend, <br />Paper Mill. The existing trail currently continues south and ends at Four Corners (Figure <br />1), The route of the proposed trail has not yet been finalized. However, those owners <br />indicating an interest in locating the proposed trail on their land are represented by the <br />shaded portions in Figure 1. <br /> <br />The legal.description is Township 30N, Range lW and currently includes Sections 10, 15, <br />16,17,20,29 and 32. As the proposed trail may include Sections 18, 19, and 30, a <br />priority habitat and species data search for these areas are included in this report, <br />