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<br />~ 04 - 5;>'~ <br /> <br />SUSCEPTIBLE AQillFER RECHARGE AREA REPORT <br />PENNY CREEK QUARRY, QUILCENE, W A <br /> <br />I-Introduction <br /> <br />On behalf of Penny Creek Quarry, Ecological Land Services, Inc. (ELS) has prepared this <br />Aquifer Recharge Area report for Jefferson County Department of Community <br />Development. The purpose of this report is to characterize the hydrogeologic setting of <br />the project area, Susceptible Aquifer Recharge Area designation by Jefferson County, <br />and specific aquifer recharge protection me<l$ures. <br /> <br />Penny Creek Quarry is located at 450 Penny Creek Road, in the Southeast ~ of Section <br />22, Township 27 North, Range 2 West, Willamette Meridian. <br /> <br />This report describes, interprets and evaluates hydrogeologic conditions on and around <br />Penny Creek Quarry related to Jefferson County's designation as a Susceptible Aquifer <br />Recharge Area. Data used for this report consists of reviewing area well log information, <br />topographic and geologic information, and operational procedures used at the mine site. <br />Information was collected during three reconnaissance visits to the site. <br /> <br />II-Backe-round <br /> <br />Penny Creek Quarry is located on the eastern flank of the Quilcene Range. The hills <br />where the quarry is located are composed of Eocene Crescent Formation basalt (EVe), <br />bounded to the east by low lying relatively flat ground mapped as alluvium from Penny <br />Creek and the Quilcene River floodplains, and Vashon recessional outwash. From well <br />log information (detailed in Section IV of this report) it appears that basalt bedrock dives <br />steeply on the eastern flank of the hill where Penny Creek Quarry is located. This is due <br />to glacial erosion of the bedrock from Pleistocene continental glaciation which appears <br />locally bounded by foothills of the Quilcene range. Penny Creek Road borders the site to <br />the south and east, with Penny Creek located south of Penny Creek Road. Confluence of <br />Penny Creek and the Quilcene River is more than 1,000 feet south-southeast of the <br />quarry. Glacial sediments have been mapped along Penny Creek further to the west, <br />more than one mile from the project site. <br /> <br />III-Soils <br /> <br />USDA Soil Conservation Service Soil Survey of Jefferson County Area, Washington, <br />maps soil on and around the project area as Olete very gravelly silt loam on slopes up to <br />50%, with portions of lower-lying surrounding areas mapped as Olete-Hoodsport <br />complex very gravelly sandy loam on slopes up to 30%. The survey map does not <br />identify soil on slopes greater than 50% at this site. Olete soils are up to 30 inches thick <br />overlying basalt on slopes up to 50%. Soil is described as well drained with moderate to <br />high permeability. <br />