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<br />. <br /> <br />,...~ <br /> <br />May 15, 2006 <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />^pl"i,'d Gr<1I1,,,lilJula S"IIII"uu <br /> <br />BENDER <br /> <br />CONSULTING. LtC <br /> <br />Mr, Michael VanValkenburg <br />P.O. Box 306 <br />Carnation, WA 98014 <br /> <br />,- ~ - 'i <br /><.';,1 i'J ,.- <br />\\t..\ <br /> <br />630 lith Street South <br />Kirkland, WA 98033 <br />425 828 7545 <br />425828 7S48 fax <br />Ul1JJ' <br /> <br />RE: AQUIFER RECHARGE REPORT, 32 V ANY ALKENBURG PI" PORT LUDLOW, <br />WASHINGTON <br /> <br />Dear Michael: <br /> <br />This letter presents the results of our critical aquifer recharge area evaluation of your property near Mats Mats <br />Bay in Jefferson CoWlty. This letter is intended to confurm to the requirements ofthe Jefferson CoWlly Unified <br />Development Code (UDC) paragraphs 3.6.5, Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas; and 3.6.10 Special Reports, <br />paragraph (e) Aquifer Recharge Area Report. This analysis is required by Jefferson CoWlly due to the location <br />of your property within a high risk Seawater Intrusion Protection Zone (SIPZ). The UDC requires an analysis of <br />the well and groundwater system to evaluate the potential use of a well to cause adverse groundwater quality <br />impacts, The overall intent ofthe code is to ensure that existing water rights are not impaired and that the use of <br />the well is not detrimental to the public interest, The fullowing confunrn to the requirements ofUDCparagraph <br />3.6.10 (e), and follows the organization of that section. <br /> <br />AQUIFER RECHARGE AREA REPORT <br /> <br />1. Response not required. <br /> <br />2. Aquifer Recharge Area Report <br /> <br />1. Project Description <br /> <br />The property is located on the north side ofMats Mats Bay (Figure 1). We understand that Mr. VanValkenburg <br />plans to construct an approximate 3,500 square fuot two story home. The home will have three bedrooms and a <br />water demand of360 gallons per day. The home will be located on property parcel numbers 921332013 and <br />921332014. There are currently no structures on the property. We understand that the home will be placed <br />about 50 feet back from the top of the bluff: <br /> <br />The site topography is slightly sloping to the south. The groWld surfuce elevation at the site is about 15 to 20 <br />feet. <br /> <br />Mr. VanValkenburg retained Gresham Well Drilling to drill a new well in March 2006. The well is located about <br />400 feet north of the bluff: The well was drilled to a depth ofl 00 feet. The boring encountered about 25 feet of <br />clay, which is likely glacial till, and then basah bedrock to depth. The well yield was reported to be about 0.4 <br /> <br />BENDER CONSULTING, LLC <br /> <br />06/5-0/ <br /> <br />D;\06IS-{l1 VanValkeoburglVllDV~buIJ,AquifaRecharJeReport.doc <br />