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<br />Geotechnical Report <br />Wolfe Residence <br />363 Porter Lane <br />Port Townsend, Washington <br /> <br />March 21, 2006 <br /> <br /> <br />At Shannon & Wilson. our mission is to be a progressii'e. lreli- <br /> <br />managed professional consulting firm in thefields (if CIlgineering <br /> <br />and applied earth ,S'cience.\'. Our goal h; topeij()nn our serFices <br /> <br />v,:ith rhe_bight,~,';-f degree (d'prt~fessionalisnl ~vilh due consider(/tioll <br /> <br />to the he.'"! interests {~r the puhfic. our clients, and (Jur enlpioyees. <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br /> <br />~-.".,:, :-:;, <br />~_ c{.J< <br /> <br />JEfFERSON [DUNlY OeD <br /> <br />Submitted To <br />Priscilla Zimmermal <br />Zimmerman Architecture A.I.A <br />3091 Point White Drive Northeas <br />Bainbridge Island, Washington 98111 <br /> <br />B~ <br />Shannon & Wilson, In< <br />400 N 34th Street, Suite 101 <br />Seattle, Washington 9810 <br /> <br />21-1-20457-00 <br />