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i ~ <br />S~~o ~ -z ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~~-~-~~~ <br />WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE <br />BALD EAGLE MANAGEMENT PLAN <br />RCW 77.12.655 <br />WAC 232-12-292 <br />EAGLE TERRITORY: Thorndyke South #1103 <br />A~~lic~~t - Landownc~ <br />Jon R. Smaker & Kim Vogley <br />P.O. Box 971 <br />Reno, NV 89504 <br />(925) 963-9920 <br />krvnwj <br />~~~ <br />AUG 2 5 2006 <br /> <br />~r o~erty <br />Tax Parcel #701253005 <br />Township 27 North, Range 1 West, <br />Section 25 <br />6655 Thorndyke Road <br />Jefferson County <br />Pending ~l~tivity <br />__ <br />Residential development, Installation of a driveway and septic system. Construction of a <br />single-family residence with detached garage, Construction of a shop/garage with <br />attached carport. Construction of an access route to the beach. <br />Factors Cq~idered <br />1) Landowners' goals were considered througha review of a site development plan. <br />The landowners had contacted WDFW prior to buying the property since they had <br />been advised that a Bald Eagle Management Plan might be required for the <br />property. Prior to their purchase, several phone conversations were conducted <br />with the landowners to discuss the proposed development. A site visit was <br />conducted on the property on May 26, 2006 to survey the site and review the <br />proposed development with Smaker &Vogley, their realtor, Karen Best, and the <br />immediate neighbor to the north, Audrey Hanson. <br />2) Bald eagle habitat use was considered by analysis of territory integrity through <br />time, current surrounding habitat conditions, potential for blow down, current <br />status of the population and scientif c literature concerning bald eagle habitat <br />protection. <br />Background <br />The Thorndyke South Bald Eagle Territory is located in Jefferson County, approximately <br />20 miles south of Port Townsend (Figure 1). The territory is located on the east side of <br />the Toandos Peninsula, at the south edge of Thorndyke Bay, on the Hood Canal. Large <br />tracts of land in this area are commercially logged and shoreline parcels have been <br />developed into residential occupancies. The Washington Department of Fish and <br />Wildlife (WDFW) has been monitoring this territory for several years. A bald eagle nest <br />was located in a live grand fir tree along the shoreline in 1996. This tree is located on the <br />southeast corner of the parcel (tax parcel #701253005) purchased by Smaker &Vogley. <br />The nest tree is approximately 100 feet tall with a broken top. The nest is mostly blown <br />out. What remains is approximately 3 feet from the top of the tree. The tree is on the <br />immediate edge of the 50-foot bluff. The bank below the tree is undercut. It is not <br />possible to stand on the waterside of the tree. The tree has a slight lean toward the water. <br />