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<br />September 26, 2006 <br /> <br />#"'< <br />~ <br /> <br />E l)ER <br /> <br />CONSULTING. LLC <br /> <br />AJ!J11i~'(f C1{lund<<~sja S~fuliim" <br /> <br />Mr. Dave Fitzpatrick <br />23730 NE 170th <br />Woodinville, W A 98077 <br /> <br />630 6th Street South <br />Kirkland, WA 98033 <br />425 8211 7545 <br />425 1l21l 7548 f.x <br /> <br />wun~_f,lJ.en dt~rl fc,cLTm <br /> <br />RE: AQUIFER RECHARGE REPORT, 170 SMITH ROAD PROPERTY, <br />MARROWSTONE ISLAND, WASHINGTON <br /> <br />Dear Dave: <br /> <br />This letter presents the results of our critical aquifer recharge area evaluation of your property. This letter <br />is intended to conform to the requirements of the Jefferson County Unified Development Code (UDC) <br />paragraphs 3,6,5, Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas; and 3.6.10 Special Reports, paragraph (e) Aquifer <br />Recharge Area Report. This analysis is required by Jefferson County due to the location of your property <br />within a high risk Seawater Intrusion Protection Zone (SIPZ). The UDC requires an analysis of the well <br />and groundwater system to evaluate the potential for use of a well to cause adverse groundwater quality <br />impacts, The overall intent of the code is to ensure that existing water rights are not impaired and that the <br />use of the well is not detrimental to the public interest. The following conforms to the requirements of <br />UDC paragraph 3.6,10 (e), and follows the organization of that section. <br /> <br />AQUIFER RECHARGE AREA REPORT <br /> <br />1 . Response not required. <br /> <br />2, Aquifer Recharge Area Report <br /> <br />1. Project Description <br /> <br />The property is located on the west side of Marrows tone Island, south of Mystery Bay in Township 29 <br />North, Range I East, section 5 (Figure 1). The property parcel number is 921051011. The property is <br />about 620 by 70 feet in dimension. The only structure currently on the property is a garage with an <br />upstairs loft; we understand that you plan to demolish and rebuild the garage and place an approximate <br />32 by 30 foot cabin adjacent to it. The cabin will have two bedrooms in it. We understand that you have <br />installed a Glendon septic system and drainfield for the new structure, and this system has been permitted <br />and approved, <br /> <br />The cabin will be placed about 70 feet west ofthe top ofthe bluff. The septic system and drain field are <br />located cast ofthe proposed cabin site, The existing well is located in the eastern half ofthe property; the <br />septic system and the proposed improvements lie outside of the 100- foot covenance for the well. A <br />schematic ofthe site improvements is shown in Figure 2. <br /> <br />BENDERCONSULTING, LLC <br /> <br />0622-01 <br /> <br />C:\Documents and SI:Uings\Scou BenderWroject files\Ofi22-01 Fllzpatlick\Rerwrt\filzpatnck Recharge Rpt.doc <br />