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<br /> <br />"EIVE\() <br />WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFRE( <br />BALD EAGLE MANAGEMENT PLAN SE? 2 12uns <br />RCW 77.12.655, WAC 232. 12.292 Jt~~tR~U~ ~"\\~1~ 01;\\ <br /> <br />Leland Lake <br /> <br />1447 <br />Occurrence # . <br /> <br />1 <br />Nest # <br /> <br />Jefferson <br />County <br /> <br />EAGLE TERRITORY: <br /> <br />The following conditions apply to the entire parcel if any portion falls within the distance guidelines. <br /> <br />r have read and understand the above condition(s) placed on Parcel # 802261001 located in the <br />~Quarter of NE Quarter ofSection~, Township 28N , Range 2W (East/West meridian) with actual <br />street address of 893 Snow Creek Road . If the landowner(s) feel these conditions are too restrictive, <br />a site specific plan may be developed with the Washington Department ofFish and Wildlife. lfthe conditions set <br />forth above are acceptable, please sign below and this will serve as your Bald Eagle Management Plan. Activities <br />will be periodically monitored and failure to comply with this Plan constitutes a misdemeanor as set forth in RCW <br />77,15.130. However, compliance with this plan does not ensure compliance with the Endangered ~ecies Act or <br />other federal, state or local laws. .. Sr~< ;,\ NO+f>- - Tk~ lei- ;s wa\"i~ ''too I 0+ +~~ kf$+ <br />-/i'u... ~""t H"-\-~C. ~,.~~ ; s IOC:Q.f~cA 7.2>00 -frOM tkt. ;...~~, , <br />C6ncl:+~~Io\~ ~" [:1 Cllb.\I~ w,,, b~ ..tGllowt~ . ^ h~l.roI plC\t'\..IS <br />2 a{]~ ' d :f- -fw1-l,(t'tL -tree. cu+l.,.....Q of" d~\Iel.r"t.'"+, Cl\4' ~ \ <br />',IiJ fi' n /'~'lu,,. 'It J lJj'oo os~ct t.if,"" ~oO <br />· C7tV~. . ; -I T .() (, Ronald and Jane Reinhart r I <br />Landowner(s) Signature (Date) Landowner(s) Name (Print) of""~ t. ht~+ <br /> <br />~ -..// (-.--" -,.' '1//.5 IV 18480 Highway 305 -tt-~ ~. $.0.... <br />/, FW Regional Program Manager' Address <br />" <br />,71 ,I,! <br />',.,LeA 4'1.iJ.d. <br />WDFW W; dlife Biologist <br /> <br />181 <br /> <br />D <br /> <br />Any construction or vegetation removal on a lot within 400 feet of a nest tree or roost site will require a <br />bald eagle management plan tailored for the specific land use and landowners goals. The landowner will <br />need to contact and consult with the Washington Department ofFish and Wildlife (WDFW) prior to any <br />clearing or construction. Please contact the WDFW at (360) 681-4276. <br />(No -s,..,.~ -srec ;f;~ plql'\, r~~u,',..~ d. ). .s.ll. <br /> <br />Any lot located between 400 and 800 feet of a nest tree site: retain all known perch trees and all conifers <br />:::::24 inches diameter at breast height (d.b.h). Also retain:::::50% ofpre-clearing or pre-construction conifer <br />stand with diameter distributions representative of the original stand (>6 feet tall). Windowing and low <br />limbing oftrees is acceptable provided no more than 30% of the live crown is removed. <br /> <br />( prcj ecT) <br />Any~ located >800 feet but within 'l'2 mile from a nest and within 250 horizontal feet of the shoreline or <br />top of high bank bordering a shoreline: Retain all known perch trees and conifers :::::24 inches diameter at <br />breast height (d.b.h.). Also retain :::::50% of pre-clearing or pre-construction conifer stand with diameter <br />distributions representative of the original stand (>6 feet tall), Windowing and low limbing of trees is <br />acceptable provided no more than 30% of the live crown is removed. <br /> <br />D <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Poulsbo. W A 98370 <br />City, State, Zip <br /> <br />Send Original To: WDFW <br />Region 6 Office <br />48 Devonshire Road <br />Montesano, WA 98563-9618 <br /> <br />(360) 779-3753 <br />Phone <br />