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<br />03-04-1992 11:23PM FROM <br /> <br />TO <br /> <br />13603794473 P.01 <br /> <br />.. ._, -- <br /> <br />~~?t: ".f A ~h I: <br />IT7lfo ~ 1'.:, f ~ ~ .~- ,: <br />..... .: :.t.J:, .'t-r.';>i . ";.....'.,,.1"" ..a,t..~. '/J..{df <br />I' <br />..,..., ~:&~ <br />.' .. _ ...t <br />, '0<, 'f ", l/.+rA''\.. <br />JI ~K,m. '/ II ;~, I <br />~-"-'--7 ~.J..m..<f..,A._~\ f'-f..d.LW..i?1 <br /> <br />Olympic Wetland Resources) Inc.. <br />Dixie Uewellin, Principal Biologist <br /> <br /> <br />,...... ,\ .,' <br /> <br />.,' ",: ," <br /> <br />"'~"tevel IWetIfindAssessrriem <br />. Trail End Estates <br />Parcel# 950100905 & 950100906 (Lot 4) <br />950100907 (Lot 5) <br />950100908 & 950100909 (Lot 6) <br />950100910 (Lot 7) <br />950100913 (Lot 12 and Lot 13) <br /> <br />August 2005 <br /> <br />Introduction <br />A Levell Wetland Assessment was conducted on August 16.2005 for Harriette Buckm.arul to <br />evaluate a potential building envelope on two of the seven parcels within the 1.08-acre site <br />(parcels 950100908 and 950 100910, Lot 7 and the southeastem portion of Lot 6), The potential <br />building location would be in the open field near intersection of South Point Road and South <br />Beach Drive_ Single-family watcrfront homes along Hood Canal are located directly across <br />South Beach Drive, This parcel is within the development known a.~ Trail End Estates and is <br />scrvi9cd by of~-site watfr a~d s~tic ,system. ' S rasso?atcd with the Brid,eeh~~~n ,d;velopment. <br />f P fJ b 4P<.,.,~ ,If.!.,,'';rJ,(' /..-!''-<-'.f''-''I ,,!c' ;"'f ~_,..'t.,' ~ f,.. .H~, 1</ . f! i j d.". ~..<," <br />Extensive wetlands are located on the rcmainder of the subject parcel. A revegetation project <br />I was conducted in 1998 to mitigate the impacts of filling the wetland on Lot 5 and the northern <br />half of Lot 6. The wetland was filled in 1997 and returned to original elevations and revegetatcd <br />through a mitigation project. Monitoring for 5 years showed this revegetation project was very <br />successful and met all performance standards (Monitoring Report, South Point Wetland <br />Revegetation, Final Report June 2002. Olympic Wetland Resources. Inc.). <br /> <br />Fieldwork to detennine the wetland boundaries was conducted according to the methodology <br />outlined in the Washington State Wetland Identification and Delineation Manual (Department of <br />Ecology #96-94) and Jefferson County Unitied Development Code (UDC) dated January 1,2001. <br />Land use restrictions will apply to all future developments associated with this parcel. <br /> <br />Level I ^sscssmcnt Buckmann <br />Rcport Fill.: Number 2005-0092 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Olympic Welland Resources. Inc. S/05 <br />