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<br /> <br />RE(~E1IV1RIf)) <br /> <br />WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFEAPR 0 4 2007 <br />Bald Eal!le Site Manal!ement A~reement 'HftHSUM;UIJNt~IJ':11 <br /> <br />On behalf of the people of the State of Washington, to which its wildlife belongs, the <br />following agreement is hereby enacted for the purpose of protecting bald eagles and <br />their habitats. <br /> <br />The Landowner and Washington State Department ofFish and Wildlife agree to the <br />conservation measures described in the attached site management plan. <br /> <br />Site name: Hazel Point North # 1430 <br /> <br />Legal descript~on of pr<>posed project: T26N, RI W, Section 34, NW 1/4 <br />The undersigned hereby agree to the terms of the Bald Eagle Management Plan <br />~~ cfa:P~ . :r~d i-<e. "~M<<- <br />J~ JO- p~ . L~,,.V"~ /...0.. Porte. <br />Lando (Signature) Date Landowner . t) <br /> <br />Lfl5 -778-9Lb 8 <br />Phone number <br /> <br />91-. I D eLl ~) S 1:: <br />Address <br /> <br />E.J~(H<.ds WA 910W <br />City, State, Zip <br /> <br />The State of Washington, Department ofFish and Wildlife <br /> <br />~;/~ <br />eglOnal Program Manager <br /> <br />.J!; <br /> <br />tI~~/07 <br />te f . <br /> <br />C, <br />Region <br /> <br /> <br />~~Ok. <br />County <br /> <br />'3-2'-0'1 <br />Date <br /> <br />x- <br />:L <br />Priority <br /> <br />~ Ne~ f ;jJ: ~ ,\ <br />L~ POI'i-~ <br /> <br />Inspected by <br />locqie~ Oh +h~ <br />($Qu+h) r~{'te I ) <br /> <br />Date <br /> <br />Page 6 of7 <br />