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Q~y~n~~ ~l~tanr Re~c~t~~~, ~~c~ <br />Dice lrlewellin, Principal Biologist <br />Work was conducted in accordance with the Washington Wetland Delineation Manual 1997 and in <br />compliance with the Jefferson County Unified Development Code. Soils, ve etation, and h drolo <br />g Y gY <br />were evaluated to verify the presence of wetlands and determine wetland classifcations. <br />According to the Department of Ecology rating system this wetland is a high quality Class III wetland. <br />It is small in size, less than 1/4 acre, but is very high in plant species diversity, structural layers, and has <br />a high quality undisturbed buffer. Class III wetland receive 50 foot buffers if delineated and 75 feet <br />buffers if not delineated (UDC Section 3 Tables 3-3 and 3-4). <br />John Heal of Bionomics identified this small seasonal wetland adjacent to the access driveway in <br />December 1990. During this assessment hydric soils (lOYR 2/1 overlying a clay layer of 10YR 5/1 <br />with extensive streaking and mottling), hydrophytic vegetation (sedges, water parsley), and moist soils <br />were identified. This wetland averages about 118 feet X 30 feet (3,540 square feet) and is confined to <br />the low-lying areas. All wetlands over 2,500 square feet are regulated b Jefferson Count UDC 3.6.9 <br />Y y( <br />a. l ). The cleared area for the home site is slightly upslope and 120 feet from the wetland edge. <br />The enclosed map indicates the general vicinity of the wetland location; this map does not re resent a <br />P <br />formal wetland delineation. If there are further questions or if you need additional environmental <br />analysis for this project please do not hesitate to call. <br /> <br />Dixie Llewellin <br />Certified for Wetland Delineation,1987 Manual <br />Wetland Training Institute, June 1995 <br />~..r . ... <br />~ ~~ <br />~: ~::~ <br />_ ,~ ~~ -. <br />~.._ .~ <br />~ u~_ _.~ <br />. , <br />u ~-~ <br />.: <br />d P N <br />#~ '~ ~ ~ ~ <br />r ~ <br />1~1 ~jkyit'~~fft~~:i E ~/r. 1 <br />Ar..a>t <br />