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STRATUM GROUP <br />1451 Grant Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 <br />Phone (360)714-9409 <br />February 26, 2007 <br />Amy Williams <br />Bohlin Cywinski Jackson <br />1932 First Avenue <br />Suite 916 <br />Seattle, WA 98101 <br />Re: Geology Evaluation, Shoreline Bluff <br />Parcel 001061006. <br />Jefferson County, Washington <br />Dear Ms Williams: <br /> <br />Stratum Group is pleased to present the results of our geology evaluation of the above referenced <br />property on a shoreline bluff. The purpose of this geology evaluation was to 1) determine the <br />suitability of the property for the siting of a residence, 2) qualitatively evaluate the risk of slope <br />failures, and 3) provide general site development and maintenance recommendations for <br />development of the property adjacent to a potentially unstable bluff. This evaluation was limited <br />to a visual inspection of the property and vicinity, a visual inspection of the bluff face, review of <br />available geologic mapping in the area, and inspection of the shoreline at the base of the bluff. <br />I previously completed a report on the site dated October 18, 2002. This report provides a more <br />detailed evaluation of the steep shoreline bluff geologic units. This evaluation was done to better <br />define the scale and mechanisms of failures that may take at the subject property. <br />SCOPE OF SERVICES <br />The scope of our services included the following: <br />1) Conducted a site visit to visually inspect the subject property including the bluff <br />face slope conditions, shoreline conditions, and relevant conditions in the vicinity of the <br />property. <br />2) Observed surface soil conditions on the bluff face and on the uplands above the <br />bluff by excavating shallow hand dug test pits. <br />3) Prepared this report summarizing our findings, including an evaluation of the <br />feasibility of building a residence on the subject property, a qualitative evaluation of the <br />shoreline bluff stability, recommendations for site development, and recommendations <br />for further investigation, if necessary. <br />