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'~ 10/28/2002 16:16 3603854196 JOHN L SCOTT PTT PAGE 02 <br />~TRA.'~'UIYI ~RC1UP . <br />la~sl ~ ,stmt, s~wngnam, w~ gszzs <br />Phone (3fo) 71A~9409 <br />18, 2402 <br />Bill Bvans CIO <br />Terry M. ,C~ugh <br />John L. Scott Real Bstate <br />2219 West Simms Way <br />Port Townsend, WA 983b8 <br />Re: Geology Es*aluation, Slro~-eline Blatt' <br />Parcel 001061.006 <br />Section S, Township 30 N, Range l W <br />Jefferson County, Washittgtan <br />Dear Mr. Bvans: <br />~We are pleased to present the results of our geology evaluation of the above referenced. property <br />on a shoreline bluff, Thee purpose of this geology evaluation wars to 1) determine the suitability of <br />the property for the siting of a residence, 2} qualitatively evaluate the risk of slope failures, and 3) <br />provide general site development and tnairttenance recommendations for development of tre <br />property adjacent to a potentially unstable bluff: This evaluation was limited to a visual inspection <br />of the property and vicinity, a visual itspection of the biutl'face, review of available geologic <br />miapping in the area, and inspection of the shoreline at the base of the b1u#~ <br />SCGPE UX' SERVICES <br />The scope of our services included the following: <br />1) Conducted a site visit tt~ visually inspect the subject property includitg the bluff <br />face slope conditions, shoreline conditions, and relevattt conditions itt the vianity <br />of the property. <br />2) Qbserved surface soil conditions on the bluffface and oa the uplands above the <br />blutFby excavating shallow hand dug test pits. <br />3) Prepared this reporC summarizing our bnditigs, including ari evaluation ofthe <br />feasibility of building a residence on the subject lsroperty, a qualitative evaluation <br />of the shoreline bhaff stability, recommendationsfnr site development, and <br />reeotnmendations for further investigations if necessary. <br />