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<br />rnlClIJ /-4>:::> I <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br /> <br /> <br />Olympic Wetland Resources, Inc. <br />Dixie L1ewellin, Principal Biologist <br /> <br />As requested by <br />conducted on the subject parcel Silent <br />single family residence. The septic system and d ld were i <br />Jefferson County Critical Areas Map is a large wetland along the west and south edges of Silent <br />Lake. This wetland, as mapped, crosses a small portion of the northwest corner of the parcel. <br /> <br />The purpose of this assessment on December 19, 2007 was to evaluate mapped wetlands and <br />buffers that would restrict development. <br /> <br />Fieldwork to determine the actual wetland boundaries was conducted according to the methodology <br />outlined in the Washington State Wetland Identification and Delineation Manual (Department of <br />Ecology #96-94) and Jefferson County Unified Development Code (UDC) dated January 1,2001. <br />Land use restrictions.will apply to all future developments associated with this parcel. <br /> <br />Description of Site <br /> <br />. Legal: Description: Parcel #701 355005, Lot 5 <br />. Section: 35 Township 27N Range 1 W <br />. Location: 363 Silent Lake Road, off of Coyle Road, Jefferson County, W A <br />. Soils: SnD Sinclair gravelly sandy loam <br />. Slopes: 15% to 30% slopes <br /> <br />The parcel has a flat cleared building site near Silent Lake Road that is elevated and over 150 feet <br />from the lake edge. There is a cleared trail down to the lake but the remainder of the site consists <br />of a mature forest of Douglas' firs with a dense understory of rhododendrons, salal, ferns, and <br />huckleberry. <br /> <br />Level 1 Assessment Cauce and Joslyn . <br />Report File Number 2007-1219 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />Olympic Wetland Resources, Inc, 12/19 <br />