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<br /> <br />Olympic Wetland Resources) Inc.. <br />Dixie L1ewellin, Principal Biologist <br /> <br />The purpose of this assessment was to evaluate wetlands associated with.a Type 3 Stream <br />indicated on the Jefferson County Critical Areas Map and buffers that would restrict <br />development. Wetlands associated with the creek are shown to cover nearly one half of the two <br />parcels. <br /> <br />Fieldwork to determine the actual wetland boundaries was conducted according to the methodology <br />outlined in the Washington State Wetland Identification and Delineation Manual (Department of <br />Ecology #96-94) and Jefferson County Unified Development Code (UDC) dated January 1,2001. <br />Land use restrictions will apply to all future developments associated with this parcel. <br /> <br />Description of Site <br /> <br />.. Legal Description: Parcel #970 300 013 (Lot 17) and #970300012 (Lot 16) <br />. Section 34 Township 28N Range IE <br />. Location: 130 Madrona Vista Place, Shine (near Port Ludlow), Jefferson County <br />i. Soils: SaB San Juan gravelly sandy loam <br />. Slopes: 0 to 15% slopes <br /> <br />Currently the 2 undeveloped lots consist of a flat area along Madrona Vista Place which slopes to <br />thecreek. The creek lies in a distinct channel at the bottom of the slope. The lots have been <br />recently surveyed and the topography drop to the bottom of the creek averages 14 feet in <br />elevation. A Level I Assessment Map is included with this report that indicates the wetland edge <br />as shown on the Jefferson County Wetland Map, site elevations, and proposed building areas. <br /> <br />Level 1 Assessment Williams <br />Report File Number 2007-1204 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />. Olympic Wetland Resources, Inc. 12/07 <br />