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<br /> <br />FAX NO. :21216 842-2199 <br /> <br />Feb. 1217 2008 1219:34AM P3 <br /> <br />DRAFT <br /> <br />- -(,::ember 23.2007 <br /> <br /> <br />,,\i":::Erin Lundgren <br />JeffersonCounty Board of Equalization <br />7. 820 Jefferson St <br />I'(t~end, WA 98368 <br /> <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Request to remove parc:eI tag related to bald eagle maaagement on paIUl #811151014 <br />1:'ab1$hores Drive- Port Ludlow). Property owned by Doug TouniIIe widlin the doaunmted <br />ShOl'eS Bald Eagle Territory. The partel may he de'ftloptd with a single-family residenee but <br />Eagle Maagemeat PIan js nq1lb'ed. <br /> <br /> <br />I:>ear E~ <br /> <br />- '7/';;$, c('::Jtacted by a few months ago by Mr. Doug Tourville, who has owned a parcel of <br />::'c)?crtyat990 Tala Shores Drive in Port Ludlow (parcel # 821151014) for many years. His <br />property is located within the documented Tala Shores Bald Eagle Territory. The Washington <br />D-epartmmt ofFish and Wildlife (WDFW) has been monitoring this territory since 1983. The <br />Shores eagle pair has been highly successful at producing eaglets within the territory. Mr. <br />---: o;17ville's property is located very near the tree that contained the original Nest #1. In the past. <br />-NT)fW" staff was concerned about the possible disturbance associated with construction of a <br />--:;'f:'!i,":~ ..00 the western. portion of the Tourville property. Apparently> a binding advanced <br />c:I,etennination was conducted on the property by Jefferson County Department of Community <br />Development staff in November of 1994. A parcel tag was implemented for the parcel that <br />3'Z;:x tbattbe "building site above cannot be used due to eagle's nest". There have been <br />c:l,mging circumstances in the past 13 years and the WDFW fully supports that this parcel tag be <br />n~moved from the Jefferson County parcel-tagging database. We base this recommendation on <br />the following: 1) The nest tree that contained Tala Shores Nest # 1 is no longer a viable nest tree. <br />Tb-,~ nestvvas destroyed in 1991. The tree has since died and bas broken off This ttee is no <br />" x;gercapable of supporting a bald eagle nest 2). The WDFW must allow 4'reasonable use" of <br />9foperty'. We have no authority to tell a landowner that they cannot develop their property. <br />:Jt~.~ totbe presence of a steel' high bank slope and wetland area on the eastern portion of the <br />---::;;;pe:tt)',the only suitable building area is on the previously cleared level portions of the <br />;;n:::>j::ertywest of the top of the bank. ' <br /> <br />~;JJ':.\(I DFVl conducted a site visit to the Tourville property on 11/9/07. An adult bald eagle was <br />.' J'CFle;5' pe!chedon a grand fir tree located within the wetland on the Tourville property. It. is <br />cssentialtoprotect this known perch tree and other significant,trees on the property that provide <br />bald eaglebabitat.. It is important to note that although the tree that had contained Nest #1 is no <br />