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e-MDs, Inc. - 082012[Icon] Electronic Health Records
Humane Society of Jefferson County - 041612[Icon] Animal Shelter & related services
Humane Society of Jefferson County - 122417[Icon] Animal Shelter & related services
JeffCom 911 Emergency Services including Dispatch[Icon] JeffCom 911 Dispatch Services Interlocal Agreement - Ongoing
Port Townsend, City of, JeffCom Interlocal: Indebtedness - 040912[Icon]
Port Townsend, City of; Regional Services Agreement Municipal Court Ongoing[Icon] Per RCW 39.34 Municipal Services is ongoing
Public Utility District #1 - 102212[Icon] PIF Grant Sparling Well Project
The Hoh Tribe - 053012[Icon] Law Enforcement on the Hoh Reservation
WSU Cooperative Extension - 052112[Icon] WSU Cooperative Extension Agreement - Ongoing
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