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ACE-IT Employment & Transition Services, LLC - 081417[Icon] Individual Supported Employment Service
Affordable Asphalt - 050117[Icon] 2017 Pavement Markings
Albina Asphalt, Inc. - 021317[Icon] Supply of BST Asphalt Products for 2017
Aspect Consulting LLC, Supplemental No. 1 - 071017[Icon] Closed Landfill and Septage Lagoon Groundwater Analysis -
Cabot Dow Associates, Inc. - 092517[Icon] 2017 Salary Compensation Study
Centrum - 012317[Icon] 2017 Hotel Motel Grant funding (Lodging Tax)
Centrum - 121718[Icon] 2019 Hotel Motel (Lodging Tax) Grant Funding; In the Amount of $12,000; Centrum
Chimacum School District - 090517[Icon] Human Growth and Development
Clallam County & Jefferson County on bahalf of WSU, JC Exentsion Interlocal - 091117[Icon] Exension Staff to fulfill deliverables re: EPA Gant for the Sequim-Dungeness Area
ComPraise - 041717[Icon] Appraisal Services for Public Health
Concerned Citizens - 101617[Icon] Individual Employment
Coultas General Contacting, Change Order No. 1- 101617[Icon] Quilcene Drop Box Site Improvements
Craig Isenberg, Functional Family Therapy Services; Amendement No. 2; Juvenile Services - 120417[Icon] Functional Family Therapy
Craig Isenberg, Functional Family Therapy Services; Juvenile Services - 041717[Icon] Agreement w/ Craig S. Isenberg Juvenile Services
Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corp. - 110617[Icon] Pedistal Mounted Transfer Station Crane
Declaration of Restrictive Covenant re: Water and Septic Services Link Two ‎(2)‎ County Owned Parcels Located at 295312 Highway 101 Quilcene - 041017[Icon] Link Two (2) County Owned Parcels Located at 295312 Highway 101 Quilcene, Water and Septic Services
Diggin' It! - 102317 ‎(Central Services)‎[Icon] Install infiltation drainfield at Quilcene Community Center
Diggin' It! - 112717 ‎(Public Health)‎[Icon] Demo., Decommissioning, and Removal @ 280 Fremont Ave. on the Big Quill Floodplain
Discover Your Northwest - 050217[Icon] Washington Coast Clenup
Discovery Behavioral Health - 092517[Icon] Transitional Housing Services
Discovery Behavioral Health, Fund Manager - 092517[Icon] Expanded Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Treatment
Discovery Behavioral Healthcare - 071017[Icon] Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services
Discovery Behavioral Healthcare - 082117[Icon] aka Jefferson Mental Health
Discovery Behavioral Healthcare ‎(formerly Jefferson Mental Health Services)‎, Amendment No. 2 - 030617[Icon] Mental Health Services, Amendment No. 2
District Court, Jefferson County - 121817[Icon] MOU for Fund 131 funds - Mental Health Court
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