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C.S. <br />INTERLOCAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN JEFFERSON COUNTY, <br />THE CITY OF PORT TOWNSEND, AND OLYMPIC COMMUNITY ACTION <br />PROGRAMS FOR THE PURPOSE OF ADMINISTERING SURCHARGE FUNDS <br />GENERATED AS A RESULT OF ESSHB 2163. <br />This agreement is entered into between Jefferson County, the City of Port Townsend, and <br />Olympic Community Action Programs for the purpose of insuring proper use of funds <br />created through the surcharge of ten dollars for each document recorded through the <br />County Auditor's office to fund homeless housing throughout Jefferson County. <br />WHEREAS, The Washington State Legislature passed Substitute House Bill 2163 during <br />the 59th Legislative Session and Governor Christine Gregoire signed the bill on May 16' <br />2005; and, <br />WHEREAS, this bill authorizes a ten dollar surcharge on documents recorded through <br />the County Auditor's office for the purpose of providing funds for homeless housing <br />programs; and, <br />WHEREAS, Olympic Community Action Programs currently serves as the lead agency <br />for shelter service funds, lead agency for Continuum -of -Care McKinney Funds, and as <br />the administering agency for related housing funding; <br />NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual housing benefits for homeless <br />persons living throughout the entire Jefferson County area, the above partners agree as <br />follows: <br />A. The purpose of this agreement shall be to provide for the administration and <br />revenue generated from the recording surcharge authorized under the <br />provisions of Substitute House Bill 2163. <br />B. That portion of the revenue generated fro the surcharge that is allocable to <br />homeless needs within Jefferson County shall be collected by the Jefferson <br />County Auditor and held in a single Fund by the Jefferson County <br />Treasurer, to be drawn upon the administering agency designed below, for <br />use as provided under the terms of this agreement. <br />C. Olympic Community Action Programs, a non-profit Washington <br />Corporation, having its principal offices at 823 Commerce Loop, Port <br />Townsend, Washington, is designated as the administering agency for the <br />administration and expenditure of the funds collected from the recording <br />surcharge, to be used for the following purposes: <br />