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Ac peCtconsutting <br /> IN-DEPTH PERSPECTIVE <br /> <br /> May 14, 2003 <br /> <br />Mr. Anthony Pellecchia <br />WPA <br />911 Western Avenue, Suite 380 <br />Seattle, Washington 98104 <br /> <br />Re: Porter Lane Property Well <br /> Hydrogeologic Assessment <br /> Project No. 021067-003-01 <br /> <br /> JEFF£RSON COUNTY <br />~D.[P.T. OF CO.~.MUt~iTY OEVELOPM[NT.j <br /> <br />Dear Anthony: <br /> <br />This letter-report presents a hydrogeologic assessment pertaining to local ground water <br />conditions near your property located at 513 Porter Lane, Port Townsend, Washington. It is <br />our understanding that a drinking water supply well located on your within a <br />1,000-foot radius of a High Risk Seawater Intrusion Protection Zone (SIPZ), as classified by <br />Jefferson County. Jefferson County Department of Community Development has required that <br />a hydrogeologic assessment be submitted as part of your building permit application process <br />since your well is within the High Risk SIPZ. This letter-report is intended to meet the <br />requirement of a hydrogeologic assessment per the Jefferson County Unified Building Code <br />Section 3 - Land Use Districts, Section 3.6.5 Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas; (9) Well <br />Drilling, Land Division, and Building Permits in Seawater Intrusion Protection Zones, iv, C 3. <br />High Risk SIPZ Mandatory Actions. <br /> <br />In preparing this hydrogeologic assessment, we have reviewed the following material to base <br />our findings and conclusions: <br /> <br />· Water Well Reports on file with the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology). <br />· On-site well yield test data.. <br /> <br />· On-site well water quality data. . <br /> <br />· Jefferson County Unified Building Code. <br />· Property Location Maps, Topography Maps. <br /> <br />· Jefferson County Coastal Seawater Intrusion Policy and Ordinance. <br />· Map of Seawater Intrusion Protection' Zones, Eastern Jefferson County. <br />· Ecology report on the' Geology, water resources, and seawater intrusion assessment of <br /> Marrowstone Island, Jefferson County, Washington. <br />· WRIA 17 report on Groundwater Quality Data Summary for Water Resources Inventory <br /> Area 17. <br /> <br /> <br />