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6C."* * I I -- <br />INS <br />PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />FOR PREPARATION OF A SUPPLEMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT <br />STATEMENT <br />EA Blumen, hereinafter referred to as CONSULTANT, and JEFFERSON COUNTY, <br />a municipal corporation, hereinafter referred to as COUNTY, in consideration of the <br />mutual promises, covenants, terms and conditions contained herein, agree and contract as <br />follows: <br />I. <br />On January 28, 2008, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners approved an <br />amendment to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan designating approximately 256 <br />acres in the Pleasant Harbor and Black Point areas as a Master Planned Resort. Jefferson <br />County has determined that a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (or "SEIS") <br />in accordance with the State Environmental Policy Act, and a development agreement <br />and development regulations are required as the Pleasant Harbor Master Planned Resort <br />moves to final plat, building permits and, ultimately, occupancy. This Project (Project) <br />is proposed by Pleasant Harbor Marina & Golf Resort, LLP (hereinafter "APPLICANT") <br />to be constructed within unincorporated Jefferson County. <br />II. <br />Pursuant to Jefferson County Code 3.55.060, the CONSULTANT has been <br />selected to provide preparation of an SEIS, and to provide review and support services to <br />the COUNTY in preparing a development agreement and development regulations. The <br />CONSULTANT is hereby contracted to provide in a satisfactory and proper manner the <br />above listed services. The CONSULTANT shall perform its professional services with <br />that degree of timeliness, care and skill ordinarily exercised under similar conditions by <br />professional consultants practicing in the same discipline at the same time and location. <br />No warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is made or intended by this Agreement, <br />or by any report, opinion, or other Instrument of Services provided pursuant to this <br />Agreement. The CONSULTANT shall utilize materials and data contained in the <br />County's project application files and/or provided by the APPLICANT'S consultant, and <br />avoid duplication, redundancy or unnecessary original generation of data, narrative or <br />format while preparing the SEIS to ensure consistency with SEPA requirements, the <br />Jefferson County Code, the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, and development <br />conditions established by the Jefferson County Commissioners in Ordinance 01-0128-08 <br />(January 2008) approving a Comprehensive Plan amendment establishing the Master <br />Planned Resort designation. <br />The CONSULTANT may retain and hire subconsultants to perform a portion of <br />the work that is the subject of this Agreement. <br />County/EA Blumen October 2012 <br />