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PRO Plan Approval Schedule <br />RCO DEADLINE IS MARCH 1, 2015 <br /> November 18 - agenda request for December 15 <br /> December 3 – recommendation by the JCPRAB <br />o Finalization <br />o Send to BoCC on December 9 <br />o Send agenda request for January 5 <br /> December 15, – present to COA and BoCC in workshop, afternoon session <br />o Incorporate BoCC input <br />o Send updated document to BoCC on December 23 <br /> January 5, present to BoCC and set public hearing <br />o Incorporate final input <br />o Advertise public hearing <br /> January 26, public hearing and possible adoption or postponement to address comments <br /> IF ADOPTED – STOP <br /> If Public Comments that Require Addressing <br />o Set second public hearing <br /> February 16, second public hearing and adoption – send to RCO <br />